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Herkimer Diamond Quartz

Rainbow Sapphire Jewelry

Herkimer Diamond Quartz is an online jewelry retail company selling high quality finished goods. Our senior partners in the business started buying and selling colored gemstones some 30 years ago and we have moved from colored gemstones to jewelry almost 12 years ago. Since moving from colored gemstones to jewelry we have perfected the fine art of creating herkimer diamond quartz and started our online company in 2005. Our success has been providing unique and exciting designs which cater to a large audience of people who truly appreciate the various colors of sapphire available from the mines across the world today.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz purchases the rough stone directly from the mines across the world and process all of our own material in our cutting factory in Chantaburi, Thailand. Once our Herkimer Diamonds are selected to be used in our designs they are sent to our gold and silver factory in Bangkok where our skilled jewelers hand create each and every piece we sell today.

At our main office in Bangkok, Thailand we have our own dedicated teams responsible for every aspect of the design and manufacturing process. With these professional resources available we are able to quickly accommodate our customers’ requests to design and custom make a truly unique personal piece of jewelry at a reasonable cost and timeframe.

We only sell 100% natural earth mined Herkimer Diamonds. All of our herkimer diamonds are purchased from ethically mined areas and the profits from the stones purchased go directly back into community projects at the source. Our diamond quartz are purchased from reputable sources and are mined from conflict free areas.